Empirical research on conflict


The Conflict Lab is an academic research collaborative based in the School of Government & Public Policy (SGPP) at the University of Arizona with a mission to carry out and disseminate empirical research regarding the causes, consequences, and management of violent and nonviolent political conflict.

Refugee Flows and
Political Instability

Alex Braithwaite and Faten Ghosn are co-PIs on this $1.4M US Department of Defense funded project designing tools for the analysis of data on refugee movements out of conflict zones. 

Academy for Security Analysis

Javier Osorio is the founder of this $4.98M project supported by USAID-El Salvador that seeks to build institutional capacity on citizen security policies in the Northern Triangle region of Central America.

Anatomy of Resistance Campaigns

Jessica Braithwaite is a co-PI on this $110K USIP and UA RDI funded data project on non-state societal organizations that support violent and nonviolent anti-government campaigns.

Armed Non-State Actor Governance

Javier Osorio is a collaborator on this $1.5M Department of Defense funded project on the characteristics and causes of Armed Non-State Actor’s governance in Colombia and Afghanistan.


Four Corners Conflict Network (4CCN)

Lab members are active participants in the Four Corners Conflict Network (4CCN). The 4CCN was established in 2015 with a view towards building a sense of community among the many scholars of violent and nonviolent forms of political and social conflict that work at universities in the four corner states: Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah.

Refugees & Force Migration Network (ReForM-Net)

The Refugees and Forced Migration Network (ReForM-Net) is a network of researchers who aim to generate conceptual and methodological innovations to advance research into and solutions to problems associated with refugees and forced migration.  The network is designed to build upon and catalyze research into the causes, dynamics, and consequences of flows of refugee and forced migrant populations globally. 

SGPP Conflict Workshop

The members of the Conflict Lab occasionally host visitors to campus to discuss and workshop ongoing research on conflict and related topics.

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